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Participatory development is a process through which stakeholders can influence and share control over development initiatives, and over the decisions and resources that affect themselves. The Framework for mainstreaming participatory development processes in our firm has been at the centre of its establishment and response to the need for GPC to do more to enhance the sense of ownership among beneficiaries, clientele-governments, the United Nations, development partners, bilateral agencies, and for greater beneficary participation in all aspects of the project and consulting cycle. Broader participation and engagement of key stakeholders, public transparency, and institutional accountability have gained greater importance in GPC. Lessons learned are extremely helpful in facilitating the successful implementation of new policies and business processes. These experiences have demonstrated that policies tend to be more effective when there is stakeholder ownership of initiatives and new programs and projects that reflect their needs and views.

The GPC firm utilizes its strong practical experience from previous assignments and tested approaches/methodology to deliver the required deliverables of any assignment. GPC delivers timely and reliable reports bringing a fresh and innovative approach to consulting services. Our target is to always exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing efficiency and effectiveness of assistance.   Ultimately, GPC helps to elevate the integrity of its clients in the eyes of their principals and other stakeholders.

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