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About us

We’re a global stakeholder relations and partnership building consultancy.

Global Polltraxe Consulting provides applied knowledge, consulting and development services on demand and online to development agencies, civil society, international and national non-governmental organizations. Our expertise is in issues of gender equality and inclusion, governance, social development, peace and security, humanitarian response and conflict. Our approach ensures that no one is left behind and that we respond to the needs and aspirations of the most marginalized-women, children, youth, elderly and minority populations. It is that which responds to the targets and indicators of the seventeen sustainable development goals with priority to leveraging SDG 17 on partnerships to revitalize our consulting development services. Our specialist research team supports a range of international development agencies, synthesizing the latest evidence and expert thinking to inform policy and practice.

We are a partnership of research think-tanks and established reputable international development professionals. We provide bespoke research and consultancy services in addition to the regularly updated information resources which are demand driven.

The GP team has been providing high quality development consulting services to international development agencies for over a decade.

We have adopted a participatory approach to our consulting services and ensures that we meet the demands and aspirations of our clientele on time, budget and scope.

Global polltraxe consulting

For potential business ventures, please write to: consultancy@gpc.co.ke

For any other question or comment, please write to: info@gpc.co.ke

Effie Phinnette

Executive Director
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Proven expertise, established presence and networks

Providing high quality development
consulting services to international
development agencies for over a decade


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