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Knowledge Management for Development

KM4D Services

KM involves transforming intangible, tacit knowledge (i.e., information in people’s heads) into explicit knowledge (i.e., knowledge in a format that can be stored and shared with others). This graphic depicts the relationship between tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge–while explicit knowledge is more easily visible, most knowledge is tacit knowledge. KM activities often involve capturing and organizing both explicit and tacit knowledge that organizations and programs generate, so as to be applied to maximize an organization’s effectiveness and efficiency or to improve an aspect of development interventions. The three main components of KM are: 1) people/culture, 2) process, and 3) technology. Many people focus on technology solutions when they think of KM. However, KM could not exist without the people and processes for which technology serves as an enabling mechanism.

Our KM4D services are focused on;

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Development and implementation of KM4D strategies and plans
Development of knowledge products in diverse forms including;
  • Policy briefs
  • Position papers
  • Journal papers
  • Publications fact sheets
  • Synthesis of the related publications
  • Development of executive summaries of the knowledge products
  • Quality assurance of all knowledge products with proper checklists
  • Ethical review of publications including checking for plagiarized work ansd content validation
Repackaging of publications including short forms
Development of multimedia displays of publications
Hosting webinars, hangouts and chats for knowledge
Hosting and coordinating international conferences and seminars
Development and operationalization of dissemination strategies for knowledge products
Among other services.

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