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Documentation Consulting

We give the best Services Project management leaders are often asked a common question: what the importance of project documentation is and how can I ensure I’m performing the function right. There’s no doubt that project documentation is a vital part of Project management. The essential two functions of documentation substantiate it: to make sure […]
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Communicantions for Development

C4D Services Communication for Development (C4D) is all the different types of communication that need to take place in societies if sustainable democratic development is to occur. GP sees C4D as a way to amplify voice, facilitate meaningful participation, and foster social change. We also see it as ‘a social process based on dialogue using […]
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Knowledge Management for Development

KM4D Services KM involves transforming intangible, tacit knowledge (i.e., information in people’s heads) into explicit knowledge (i.e., knowledge in a format that can be stored and shared with others). This graphic depicts the relationship between tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge–while explicit knowledge is more easily visible, most knowledge is tacit knowledge. KM activities often involve […]
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Research and Development

R&D Services Our Research provides research and analysis that offers clients actionable solutions to their problems. We are a full-service research agency answering questions about markets, consumers and lifestyles across more than 30 African countries via quantitative and qualitative studies.  We specialize in the inventory, collection, and analysis of primary research data for businesses, NGOs, […]
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Research Helpdesk

Research Helpdesk Services The research helpdesk provides rapid desk-based research on questions related to governance, social development, conflict and humanitarian topics. We provide a report that synthesizes the key issues and literature and includes expert comments from academics and practitioners. The helpdesk has more extensive literature reviews, conflict analyses, topic guides and professional development reading […]
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